Thursday, June 02, 2011

Websites to List your Online Competition

If you are running a competition on a site you own, or for a client, you can list it on the following sites (mostly UK site)

Prob the best ->
New site, ideal for Twitter competitions -

An example of this is a new competition for Mr Mobile - a new site with no link profile, but is getting started with a launch competition to drive interest to the site.

You might get a traffic benefit from these sites and maybe some links pointing into your site.

Hardcore 'compers, (people who enter a LOT of competitions) hang out on these sites, and their activity might drive other entries too (hopefully).

Of course, you should also use PR to get the word out there.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello 2011

Well a lot has changed since I last updated this blog.

I still work for the same company, but since then we have grown considerably and have morphed into Found.

It seems I was a bit confused about what twitter would be like, I feel a lot older & a little bit wiser than in 2007!

You can follow me on @eagle8 :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

adCenter Content Ads Coming Soon

Looks like most adcenter accounts will be upgraded tonight between 7pm and 9pm. It will be interesting to see how good MSN's network is compared to Google's.


Last week, we e-mailed you about your upgrade to the Microsoft Content Ads pilot on June 28. Here are some more details about your upgrade. In the pilot, your campaigns will automatically expand to include distribution to content pages within the Microsoft network, such as MSN Tech & Gadgets, Money, Real Estate, and Windows Marketplace, as well as participating partner sites.

More choices with Content Ads
Once you upgrade, you'll see expanded controls to run your Content Ads campaign in one of the following ways:

Hybrid—run on search and content: Your ad groups will automatically expand to hybrid distribution, meaning they will run on search results pages and relevant web pages on the Microsoft network.
Create search-only and content-only ad groups: You can create a unique destination URL or have content-specific ad creative. Or you can turn off Content Ads to create search-only ad groups.
Separate pricing for content clicks: Content Ads uses the same bid structure as your Search Ads—you pay only when someone clicks your ad. You can also set separate bids for Content Ads keywords.
Watch the Microsoft Content Ads webinar to learn more about the choices and benefits of Content Ads.

What happens when we upgrade your account
You'll upgrade between 7:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time on June 28. After the upgrade, your ads will start to display next to relevant content on the Microsoft network.

Thank you for using adCenter and welcome to the Content Ads pilot.


The Microsoft adCenter Team

Hoorah! Check out the webinar for more info.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Online Marketing Show London: My Thoughts

Yesterday I visited the online marketing show in London. I don't think it was too much use for us hardcore PPC affiliates, it was more oriented to companies who are interested in increasing exposure of their brands using digital marketing. Some interesting presentations/talks from leading speakers in the industry though. I also managed to give out my new card to a few networks, who seemed to like it.

At 11am I caught the 'Affiliate Marketing 2.0' workshop, which was presented by Kevin Cornils of He spoke about the current state of the affiliate industry and where it was all heading. Hopefully some new brands will now be interested and sign up with them!

Affiliate 1.0 = Part timers, spammers & unofficial ppc brand bidding, etc.
Affiliate 2.0 = Dynamic content sites, cash-back/reward sites, closed group PPC brand bidding, affiliate companies with dedicated resources. Artemis8 (who I work for) are an example of a professional affiliate 2.0 company.

After this workshop I made my way over to the 'Search Arena' for a talk from entitled 'Left Brain, Right Brain: Extracting maximum value from your data'.
He was hampered by dodgy powerpoint setup but some of what he said made sense in relation to making you ppc ads stand out and obviously user behaviour is not always predictable.

After this I had a bite to eat at the local Hamburger Union, luckily they were not on strike.

At 2:30 I left the SEO Guy to head to 'Google University ADVANCED'. Although the SEO Guy was interesting I kind of knew most of it from when I was a full time web developer. Content IS king though, as he kept saying. I think he wrote this book which is available on Amazon.

I was not too impressed by the Google representatives to be honest, it was a bit flat. it felt like one of their flash presentations you can view online, but with more mistakes. Still, nice google coloured lighting on the stage. I also managed to learn the sign language for a 'click'!

The Guy one stage spoke about advertising 'Volkswagen Used Cars' for example, but how can you when they are trademarking keywords like Sony or Nokia for example? You have to actually get permission or be the company to bid on these terms now which is just ridiculous, or maybe its just affiliates who get this imposed on their accounts like some kind of Nazi regime against free bidding! Ok, a bit strong but i'm a bit tetchy at the moment. It looks like they have taken this keyword trademarking off but the power google wields sometimes with their constant tinkering is worrying.

The Google representatives stressed several points about how to achieve aa good quality score:
- Decent CTR (click-through rate)
- Having your keywords mirrored in your ad text and landing pages
- Good account history
- Having ads that closely mirror the landing page (ie. Talking about flights and sending them to a flights part of a website. Talking about Hotels and taking them to a hotels part of the website)

Well I didn't learn too much from Google but I did get a Google branded goody bag with some sweets in. Awesome.

I skipped out of Google University to catch 'How to make money by blogging' by a guy from BIMA. He mentioned twitter, which I have heard of before, but never used. A kind of mini-blog you can update with what you are doing. What is most interesting the the updates by mobile. I am not sure if I lead a life which is interestign enough to really use something like this to its potential :)

Well there ya go! He gave some good examples on how blogging can help a corporate website develop discussions with customers and generate a buzz about the brand.

Thankyou onlinemarketignshow!

Online Marketing Show - Today!

Right, I am off to the Online Marketing Show in London Today. Hopefully will be of some use :)

Hopefully I can get there in time for "Next Generation Affiliate Marketing" at 11am.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Testing Your Adwords Ads

When testing your ad placement in Google for your adwords ads, you should be using this page.

This will not log your search as an impression, so will not harm your click through rate.

Also when you perform many searches on your own PC and you do not click on an ad, google may decide this ad is not relevant to you, and stop showing your ad altogether. This might be a reason why you might not see your ad, even though your average position is ok in adwords.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Adcenter To Upgrade Content Ads

Seems like MSN are finally getting their arse into gear with some updates! On the 28th June the content system will go live and will be updated with useful features. You will be able to stop content entirely or run content only campaigns which will prove beneficial with some campaigns. We will have to wait and see whether the MSN content network is any good or not. Some at a glance reporting would also be a bonus for keeping an eye on run away account spend. As we know there are some dodgy sites out there!


We're excited to welcome you to the Microsoft Content Ads pilot. On June 28, we'll upgrade your account and your ad distribution will begin to include webpages within the Microsoft network.

How Content Ads works
With Content Ads, your text ads will display next to relevant content on quality sites within the Microsoft network, such as MSN Tech & Gadgets, Travel, Real Estate, Fox Sports, Games, Lifestyle, and Windows Live Marketplace, as well as participating partner sites. Content Ads uses the same pay-per-click pricing structure as search ads.

Your choices
On June 28, your ad groups will expand to hybrid distribution, meaning they distribute to search results pages as well as content pages. You can choose to keep running hybrid ad groups, or you can make modifications to bid separately for search and content, or turn off Content Ads after your upgrade. Watch our webinar to learn more about your choices and the benefits of Content Ads.

We understand that not everyone is ready for Content Ads at this time. If you'd like to make sure your ad groups stay active for search distribution only, fill out this web form web form by June 26.

Next steps
Watch for an e-mail reminder next week with more information. If you have questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Microsoft adCenter Support Team.

We look forward to your participation in the Microsoft Content Ads pilot.


The Microsoft adCenter Team

Good work MSN!

or more info, you might want to check out this msn adcenter content ad guide.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adcenter Changes This Weekend


In case some of you do not receive the Adcenter email, here’s the beef....

Might have to re-enter keywords which were previously been rejected in MSN, PEOPLE!

“Improvement to Misspelled Keyword Management
Good news for those of you who like to bid on keyword misspellings to catch those searchers who might not be so great at spelling. In the past, you would sometimes receive inaccurate keyword rejections due to misspellings. But the new version of adCenter has improved the management of misspelled keywords during the editorial review process. If you commonly bid on misspelled keywords, you could see fewer inaccurate relevance rejections based on the misspellings. This can help you get your campaigns up and running quickly and easily.
If you haven't been bidding on misspelled keywords, you might want to consider this option to catch traffic from searchers who aren't spelling your keyword quite right. Check out the Keyword Mutation Demo from Microsoft adCenter Labs for ideas on common misspellings of your keywords.”

At the weekend, campaign level negative keywords will be added (like in google):

“On Saturday, June 23, Microsoft adCenter will upgrade, expanding negative keyword management to the campaign level.”

“Negative keywords help to prevent your ad from being displayed to customers who are unlikely to click your ad. When you apply negative keywords at the campaign level the changes apply to all ad groups in the campaign.”

Sadly this means on Saturday night you will not be able to work on your campaigns in adcenter. I suggest you go down a pub instead and write keyword lists, and then show them to everyone. Old fred knows some good words, let me tell you.

The blog has detailed info on how to do all this stuff -

Thursday, June 07, 2007